Safe Dating Advice

Safety Tips

  • Schedule the first date during the lunch hour or brunch, as they are shorter. Limit alcohol intake.
  • Don’t give out your last name/number unless you know it is something you may want to pursue.
  • Always meet in a public, well-lit restaurant (like it’s just lunch had restaurant partners that knew the people were on a date for safety).
  • Pay attention to the non-verbals.
  • Use a google voice or text now number instead of your real number.
  • Drive yourself, don’t let them pick you up.
  • Always make sure someone else knows the details of where you will be.
  • It's always best to be yourself. Yes, it's advice we've all received.
  • Go in with an open mind. The world would be a much better place if we all listened to one another and kept open minds.
  • Be prepared for an awkward moment.
  • Most importantly, have fun.